Roman Empire Meets Eldritch Horror: Cohors Cthulhu's Kickstarter Unveiled

Roman Empire Meets Eldritch Horror: Cohors Cthulhu's Kickstarter Unveiled

Modiphius Entertainment has unveiled its latest project: "Cohors Cthulhu". This roleplaying game intertwines the suspenseful elements of Lovecraftian horror with the rich backdrop of the Roman Empire.
Cohors Cthulhu - Part 1: Broken Column

Set during the empire's peak, players are thrust into a world where legions march and tribes defend their territories. But lurking in the shadows are eldritch horrors, bringing a new dimension of challenge to the gameplay. The game offers players an opportunity to assume roles from diverse regions of the empire, like Aegyptus, Hispania, and the heart of Rome itself.

With its setting in the same universe as the Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20 tabletop roleplaying game, the narrative brings adventurers to an age where gladiators, centurions, and Germanic heroes were the talk of the empire. The focus isn't solely on historic battles; players must unite to combat an insidious cult and its monstrous entities.

In addition to the game itself, Modiphius has provided a free novella to introduce players to the hidden war narrative. For those keen on supporting the project further, a Kickstarter campaign is currently live. Backers have the chance to enhance the core books and unlock additional content.

If the idea of battling ancient cosmic entities while navigating Roman politics intrigues you, "Cohors Cthulhu" might be the next addition to your gaming collection. Those interested can find more information and support the project on Kickstarter.

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