Introducing: Pro Wrestling Revolution RPG

Introducing: Pro Wrestling Revolution RPG

Pro Wrestling Revolution RPG

Step into the ring and immerse yourself in the electrifying world of professional wrestling. Forge your path, master signature moves, and rise through the ranks to become a wrestling legend. Engage in intense matches, strategize your moves, and feed off the energy of the crowd. It's not just about the fight; it's about the story, the drama, and the journey to the top. Are you ready to make wrestling history?

Pro Wrestling Revolution

In the world of 'Pro Wrestling Revolution,' the bright lights of the arena shine down on you, an emerging wrestling superstar ready to captivate audiences with every slam, submission, and high-flying maneuver. Using a dynamic dice system, this tabletop roleplaying gaming experience lets you choreograph dramatic matches, strategically countering and chaining moves with your opponents. It's not just about physical prowess but also the mental games and wit behind each decision. The audience's energy ebbs and flows based on your choices, with their roar echoing your successes and their silence marking your missteps. In this exhilarating wrestling universe, every moment in the ring is a chance to solidify your legacy.

Dive into the action, harness the raw energy of the crowd, and immerse yourself in the spectacle and strategy of professional wrestling like never before in an RPG!

Pro Wrestling Revolution RPG table of contents:

  1. Introduction

    • Brief Description of the Game

    • Object of the Game

    • Components

  2. Setting Up the Game

    • Required Materials and Components

    • Preparing the Play Area

    • Player Character Creation

      • Choosing a Wrestling School

      • Setting Base Stats

      • Selecting Starting Moves

  3. Sample Characters

    • Overview of Sample Wrestlers

    • Wrestler Profiles

      • "El Fuego Volador - High-flying lightweight

      • "Bulldozer Brad" - Massive powerhouse

      • "Samantha Lockhart" - Submission specialist

      • "Raven Shadow" - Mysterious wrestler with unique abilities

  4. Promotions and Belts

    • Overview of Wrestling Promotions

      • Global Wrestling Federation (GWF)

      • Extreme Championship Combat (ECC)

      • Lucha Libre Revolution (LLR)

    • Championship Titles

      • World Heavyweight Championship

      • Intercontinental Championship

      • Lightweight Championship

      • Women's Championship

      • Tag Team Championship

  5. Quick Start Guide

    • Setting up a Quick Match

    • Pre-selected Characters for Quick Play

    • Sample Scenarios and Match Setups

    • Understanding the Basic Flow

  6. Game Mechanics

    • Dice Mechanics Overview

    • Dice Pools: Managing Attack, Defense, and Movement

    • Size and Weight Impacts on Moves

    • How Rounds Work

  7. The Wrestling Match

    • Overview of a Wrestling Match

    • Match Phases (Early, Mid, Late)

    • Determining Who Goes First

    • High-Risk, High-Reward Moments

    • Tag Team and Multi-wrestler Matches

  8. Move Mechanics

    • Basic Moves

    • Advanced Moves

    • Special Moves and Finishers

    • Size and Weight Mechanics for Moves

    • Top Rope and Over-the-Rope Moves

    • Targeted Moves

  9. Audience Engagement

    • Importance of the Crowd

    • Building the Audience Dice Pool

    • Using Crowd Cheers and Boos

    • Special Events and Audience Engagement

  10. Character Progression

    • Earning Experience and Leveling Up

    • Cutting promos

    • Unlocking New Moves and Specials

    • Special Abilities and Traits

  11. Career Mode

    • Building a Wrestler's Legacy

    • Championships and Titles

    • Rivalries and Storylines

    • Injuries and Comebacks

  12. Strategies and Tips

    • Balancing Momentum and Health

    • When to Play Conservatively vs. Aggressively

    • Using the Environment

    • Tag Team Strategies

  13. Glossary and FAQs

  14. Definitions of Game Terms

  15. Common Questions and Answers

  16. Appendices

Pro Wrestling Revolution RPG - Coming Soon!

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