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Astral Projection: Galaxy Polyhedral Dice Set for DND

Astral Projection: Galaxy Polyhedral Dice Set for DND

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Immerse yourself in the ethereal realms of the astral plane with the “Astral Projection” dice set. Crafted to mirror the mesmerizing patterns of the cosmos, each die is a swirl of nebula-like colors, dotted with starry specks, ensuring every roll feels like a journey through the stars.

Venture forth in your D&D campaigns armed with these galaxy-themed dice, and let their otherworldly beauty be a testament to the magic and wonder of the worlds you explore. Perfect for wizards harnessing the powers of the astral dimension, starry-eyed sorcerers, or any adventurer who finds solace amongst the constellations.

This set includes all the essential dice (from D4 to D20) for your role-playing needs. Their luminous, shiny effect captures the enchantment of spells like Astral Projection, making each gaming session feel even more magical.

Made to last, and designed with the passionate gamer in mind, these dice are a must-have addition to your RPG toolkit. Whether you’re navigating interstellar mysteries or conjuring spells from other dimensions, the “Astral Projection” dice set will be your trusted companion.

Package Includes:

7 Polyhedral Dice (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and a Percentile Die)
A themed velvet storage bag for safekeeping.

Please allow minor differences in color due to the unique galaxy design of each die. The actual product might slightly vary from the images, but rest assured, the enchantment remains the same.


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