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Cosmic Nebula Polyhedral Dice Set

Cosmic Nebula Polyhedral Dice Set

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Step into a universe where every roll is an epic journey with the Cosmic Nebula Polyhedral Dice Set. This full set of seven polyhedral dice is infused with the vibrant swirls of a distant nebula, bringing the mysteries of the cosmos right to your tabletop. Perfect for RPGs like D&D, each die boasts an iridescent play of purples and blues, highlighted by luminescent numbers that seem to glow with otherworldly light.


  • Complete set of seven polyhedral dice, including D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and a percentile die.
  • Each die is cast in a semi-transparent resin with a cosmic blend of purple and blue hues.
  • Enhanced with radiant, easy-to-read numbering to aid in quick and decisive gameplay.
  • Robust and well-balanced for fair, random number generation.
  • Designed for mesmerizing rolls that capture the imagination and add a magical touch to your gaming sessions.
  • Ideal for collectors, RPG enthusiasts, or as a gift that will enchant any player with a love for the art of the game.

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