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Luminous Dragon's Hoard LED Dice Set

Luminous Dragon's Hoard LED Dice Set

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Illuminate your Dungeons & Dragons adventures with the Luminous Dragon's Hoard LED Dice Set. Crafted for the ultimate role-playing experience, these seven polyhedral dice bring a mystical glow to your gaming table, ensuring your rolls are not just seen but experienced. Each die, from the dexterous D20 to the cunning D4, comes equipped with an internal LED light, activated upon impact, casting a radiant glow reminiscent of a dragon's breath. Ideal for late-night campaigns or dungeon crawls in dimly lit lairs, these LED dice add an unparalleled ambiance to your sessions. Made with durability in mind, each die ensures a balanced roll, fair play, and long-lasting illumination for countless adventures. Unleash the magic within and let your fate shine with every roll!

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