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Mimic Monster Chest Building Set (Compatible with Lego) - A Challenging 366-piece D&D Game Model Gift

Mimic Monster Chest Building Set (Compatible with Lego) - A Challenging 366-piece D&D Game Model Gift

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Unveil the mystique of one of Dungeons & Dragons' most iconic creatures with our intricate Mimic Monster Chest Building Set. Every D&D adventurer knows to approach a chest with caution; for lurking within its wooden façade might be the deceptive Mimic, ready to strike!


Mimic's Lore Comes Alive: Drawing inspiration from the world of D&D, this set recreates the legendary Mimic. Known for its cunning ability to disguise itself as regular objects to surprise its prey, the Mimic remains a challenge even for seasoned adventurers. Our model captures its essence, merging both danger and allure.

A Building Adventure: With a rich 366-piece count, assembling this set is a rewarding journey. Follow the step-by-step paper instructions to witness the transformation from scattered blocks to a detailed Mimic monster chest.

Gift-Worthy Packaging: The reflective mirror-finish box not only provides protection but also adds a touch of elegance. Making it an ideal gift choice for D&D fans, board game enthusiasts, or collectors.

Engaging & Functional: Post assembly, interact with your Mimic! Its jaw opens, echoing the Mimic's classic trait of snapping at unwary adventurers. This set promises not just a visual treat but also tactile enjoyment.

Commitment to Quality: We employ top-grade ABS material for durability. Organized packaging aligns with assembly sequences, ensuring a hassle-free experience. A less than 1% missing part rate reinforces our dedication to quality.
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