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Mystic Amethyst 20-Sided Dice

Mystic Amethyst 20-Sided Dice

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Elevate your game with the Mystic Amethyst 20-Sided Dice, a single, luxurious D20 that blends the natural elegance of gemstones with the thrill of chance. This die is expertly carved from genuine amethyst, boasting a rich, semi-translucent purple color that whispers of ancient wisdom and hidden realms. Each face is etched with golden numerals, adding a lavish contrast and ensuring legibility as you cast your fate to the winds of destiny.


  • Singular 20-sided die made from authentic amethyst gemstone, offering a premium tactile experience.
  • Deep purple hues interplay with natural stone patterns, ensuring no two dice are exactly alike.
  • Golden numbering enhances visibility and adds a regal touch to each roll.
  • Hefty and satisfying to hold, providing a grounding presence to any gaming session.
  • A must-have for collectors and a powerful token for gamers who draw inspiration from the very elements of fantasy.
  • A treasured gift for any tabletop enthusiast or a stunning addition to your own gaming arsenal.

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